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Introducing Our philosophy of NPO touch-in piece

Touch In Peach is a nonprofit organization, serving to people in need of the warmth and touch of someone’s hand. Since founded in 2008, our team of volunteer therapists has delivered massage as a means of haptic communication to such people. Your support by joining or donating to our activities will help us continue our mission of delivering the warmth of people across the world. We seek a world filled with warmth. Your gift will support our activities to change the world to a warmer place.

As an aroma therapist, I have engaged with a large number of women and somewhat helped them with healing of their minds, bodies and souls. I believe that healing women means healing the mother of a family who is the heart of a family, and that a mother’s well-being brings happiness to her entire family and children and ultimately to the society.

Touch In Peace is an organization that you and I support together, and it represents our actions to try out anything that needs to be done in order to achieve peace that is one of the universal themes to human beings and save the environment that is facing a critical situation. By peace, we do not simply mean a situation where there is no war or fight between countries and races. Our definition of peace also includes an individual’s inner peace and harmony with his / her surroundings such as family and community and peace throughout the nation and world.

Violence caused by fear and confusion is taking place everywhere across the world and it can creep into people’s minds without knowing. As a matter of fact, the environmental issue reflects problems in our minds. Healing of our own minds, bodies and souls leads to healing of the society and the Earth, and I believe this is a cycle. In other words, real good health cannot be realized when Mother Earth is polluted. In fact, there is no food that human beings can produce without the power of nature. Without the food chain and human relationships, no human beings can exist. Wherever we are and whenever it is, through the air that we take in with each passing moment and water, we are always connected to Mother Earth. This is the fact that we must “feel” with our hearts and not with our minds.

The devastating situations still continuing in Ukraine, the Middle-East and Africa are realities. However, all these realities seem remote to Japanese although we must have gone through the same kind of deep sorrow and pain just a couple of decades ago. Yet, we no longer have the opportunity to talk about it. Will we completely forget about what happened upon the death of our grandparents who actually experienced and survived the era? Will we continue to live, pretending that we have never known anything about poverty and hunger and obsessively consuming the natural resources more than we have ever done in human history?

If you know someone who actually experienced the war or knows what it was like after the war, ask the person to share their memories with you. I believe that, by knowing the pain in the past, we can improve our daily behavior gradually.

It is not easy to always keep your heart filled with hope and peace without being swayed by anger. But your family and friends could help bring you back on track. Mother Earth, when you are re-connected to her, could give you the power to fight against it. The only thing we can change is ourselves. The present age is referred to as “time for purification”. It is time for individuals, societies and the Earth to be restored to full health. All of us have started to become aware of that. To date, we human beings have been a little too selfish and negligent. And all the miseries that we face now are the consequences of our negligence.

Touch In Peace desires to help create places where human beings get together to fully exercise our imagination - the splendid ability given only to people, and support each other and heal each other. We desire to change the world a warmer and healing place through haptic communication – touch. Share just a couple of percent of your energy and heart to make a difference in the world.

Urara Taoka, President of Non-Profit Organization Touch In Peace