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Activity in Hiroshima

This is our first and most dedicated project, continuing since Touch In Peace was founded in 2008. We regularly provide massage as a means of touch communication to people who suffered and survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Three times a year, more than ten massage therapists gather at Hiroshima from all over Japan to join this project.

Yasuragi-En, the group home that we visit, accommodates 100 people whose age ranges from 67 to 100. The resident are elderly and show the signs of age in addition to the difficulties of having survived the atomic bombing: some of them are bedridden, some are demented, etc. Regardless, we have developed strong relationships with most of them and they always look forward to our visit and massage.

Through the care we provide via touching with warm hands, we can see that they are gradually relieved from the trauma that haunted them for a long period of time. The bitter memory of the bombing is still vividly burnt in their minds, and some to talk about the shock of the very day and the pain of losing family.

What happened in Hiroshima must never be forgotten, and the wounded hearts of those people who suffered from the bombing must be healed. We believe that true peace begins from how we care and act to heal the wounded hearts.