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Activity in South Korea : Hapcheon

This program was started in 2012 as an outreach of ‘Hiroshima’, which is our flagship program. Not many people know that there were about 100,000 Korean atomic bomb sufferers from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our volunteer therapists take two days to provide massage care for Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors who now live in South Korea. The place we visit is called ‘Atomic Bomb Welfare House.’ It’s located in Hapcheon, a two hour drive Northwest of Busan. Approximately 100 people live there and are receiving treatment. They offer a warm and friendly welcome to every of our visits, which happen a few times a year. Some are still very good Japanese speakers, and often say:

‘The past is the past, we cannot do anything for that. What we should do now is to communicate and understand each other. We don’t want to think about war again, especially nuclear. Never ever.’