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Activity in Okinawa : Kumejima

“Okinawa – KUMI-NO-SATO” is a Fukushima Children Protection Project established to provide care 18 times a year to the children of Fukushima prefecture, which suffered catastrophic damage from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake (the Great East Japan Earthquake). This project invites approximately 50 – 70 children and their mothers from Fukushima to join a 10 – 14 day long camp in Kumejima, intending to protect and strengthen their health in an environment where the air and water are safe from the effects of nuclear radiation.

Nuclear contamination in Fukushima still remains as a threat to the lives and safety of adults as well as children. There are some areas of the prefecture where even the school zones used by children for every day commuting are exposed to a high-level radiation.

Touch In Peace is devoted to promoting the health of children and their mothers who participate the camps and easing their daily mental and physical stress through massage as a means of touch communication. Each of our staff therapists provides massage to 6-12 people per day. Oil massage using pure and potent essential oils are popular amongst the children as well.

Truly enjoying something physical and experiencing a feeling of deep relaxation have been found to boost people’s natural healing ability including the immune system. Touch In Peach strongly hopes that touch communication helps contribute to the development of people’s natural healing ability.