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Dear all showing interest in Touch In Peace’s activities,

To become a volunteer therapist of Touch In Peace, we would first like you to tour our activities or participate our orientation or workshops to help deepen your understanding of the principles of Touch In Peace.

At present, the program that you could visit is “Haptic communication at Yasuragi-en, the group home for survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima”, which takes place four times a year.
We hold workshops in Kobe, Hiroshima and other cities irregularly, and our orientation is scheduled twice a year.

Participant qualifications vary from program to program. If you wish to join any of our programs, please visit our website and contact our Kansai office, then our Kansai office will forward you scheduled programs and details.
After attending our program, if you decide to work with us as a volunteer therapist, the initial fee of 4,500 yen will be needed to register you as a volunteer therapist of Touch In Peace (the annual renewal fee of 3,000 yen will be needed from the next year and subsequent). Until you are registered as a volunteer therapist, you are kindly asked to pay your own transportation expenses.
You don’t have to be a therapist to get involved in our activities. Joining our support membership is one way of giving. Your support in any form is always appreciated. We hope your generosity will be all connected to others.

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