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NPO touch-in- piece Company Profile
Name Non-Profit Organization Touch In Peace
Incorporation date October 1, 2008
The purpose and business To people around the world who suffer from poverty and living disparities, as well as conduct business related to medical care, education and human rights assistance, to regional and local residents, research and transmission business for the global environment protection activities, the affected local residents performs the heart of healing business utilizing the support business and aromatherapy or the like into, healed all of life living on Earth and the Earth, it is an object of the present invention to contribute to the realization of a society that can enjoy the richness and peace.

To achieve the above object, and conduct the following types of non-profit activities.

① Activities that promote health, the promotion of health or welfare
② Activities to improve the promotion of social education
③ Activities that promote the conservation of the environment
④ Disaster relief activities
⑤ Activities that promote the advocacy or promotion of peace of the human rights
⑥ Activities international cooperation

To achieve the above object, and performs operations relating to the following specific non-profit activities.

① support services to developing local residents
② research and outgoing business for the global environment protection activities
③ support services to the affected local residents
④ heart of the healing business utilizing aromatherapy, etc.